SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder

SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder helps you record audio and much more

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Product Description

SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder is an essential software for streaming audio capture which will convert any audio playing through your computer to mp3 or wav files. Streaming audio is recorded by a special kernel driver to preserve digital audio quality.

This lightweight, easy to use software has multiple features that will make it one of your favorites!


  • record internet radio webcasts
  • save streaming audio broadcasts
  • record streaming audio conferences
  • convert audio from uncommon formats to wav or mp3. e.g. or simply save audio in these formats with a wide range of selected codec and compression options
  • convert a voice recording in ds2 format to mp3 using a ds2 player and SoundTap
  • record VoIP phone calls made with Skype or Express Talk softphone
  • compatible with most popular media players (e.g., Windows Media Player, Real Audio, QuickTime) and softphones (e.g., Skype, Express Talk)

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