Ableton Live

Download Ableton Live, an audio and MIDI sequencer for composing music.

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Product Description

The audio sequencers, also called DAW (Digital Audio Worksystem) were traditionally complex software for the average user because they incorporated the maximum number of possible benefits to offer the best possible sound quality. Until the arrival of Ableton Live.

 Live can inspire you.

Welcome to the most intuitive software sequencers market. Ableton Live is a multiple track audio station with a MIDI support oriented to the live music sessions, but also valid for studio work. Burn, edit, and mix music in a revolutionary way.


  • MIDI and audio sequencer multiple track in real time.
  • Audio Burning with a maximum depth of 32 bits and a sampling frequency of 192 kHz.
  • Two operating modes: Session and Arrangement.
  • Non-destructive editing. Order “undo” infinite.
  • VST support.
  • Warp engine for processing samples flexibly.
  • Inclusion of a collection of instruments and effects.
  • Use with extreme control surfaces.
  • Importing and exporting video.
  • Supported file formats: AIFF, WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis and FLAC.
  • Working with ReWire with other sequencers.
  • Inclusion of support for The Bridge, the integration system with Serato.

Music producers, DJs, live musicians, performers … All audio professionals can get Ableton Live ones they need. Ableton Live allows you to create music of any style.

 Two modes available to increase creativity

If you live sessions, you simply need Session, also known as view clips. This is a non-linear mode where you can save and immediately play ideas in the order you need, in a very flexible way to deal with absolute freedom.

 If you want to move all the workflow to a traditional project based on the timeline, click the record button and burn all the real-time activity on the view Arrangement. This is the traditional way of working audio sequencers, with the tracks divided vertically and the timeline for distributing events.

 Ableton Live you can combine both methods work to take a unique musical composition process so far and with extraordinary opportunities. Create music in a creative and intuitive way by combining improvisation with controlled systems.