Try this A-list anti-spyware combined with a powerful antivirus!

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Product Description

Complementing its proprietary anti-spyware technology with one of the best antivirus engines available today, Ad-Aware 11 features a packed, lean and powerful anti-malware solution, without the hassles or slow-downs typically associated with running multiple security programs.

In-house tests revealed that even the free version, Ad-Aware, has outperformed some of the most complete security suites from well-known competitors. Offering real-time protection, download protection and continuously updated filters against malicious URLs, Ad-Aware provides impressive anti-malware protection for the everyday computer user.


  • Speed: A super fast antivirus coupled with Ad-Aware’s legendary antispyware. 
  • Download protection: Scans downloads that could cause harm to your PC
  • Authomatic threat updates: Constant update on potential threats
  • Game mode: Silent mode protection. Do your stuff without being disturbed
  • Safe browsing: Continuous protection while you navigate the web
  • Legendary Antispyware: One of the world’s most downloaded security programs. 
  • Real time protection: Deletes malicious processes before the reach your system
  • Select scanning: Choose the files or folders you wish to scan
  • Malware Sandbox Emulator: Rapidly analyze malware in a virtual environment

Ad-Aware features a packed, lean and powerful anti-malware solution. It’s a solid software providing one of the best free protections to your PC with nothing to envy its competitors. Its great scores prove its a completely reliable software to consider if you want outstanding protection for your PC. Try it now and see the results for yourself.