Audials Radiotracker

Audials Radiotracker is an program that allows you to record music from internet radio stations, a legal way of downloading music.

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Product Description

The Audials Radiotracker interface won’t be to everyone’s liking. It seems crowded, and is not very intuitive. Reading the manual is an absolute must, even for the most basic tasks. Luckily, the help files are fairly complete, and there are plenty of Audials Radiotracker tutorials online.

The basic concept is this: you choose a music style or artist/song and start recording. The downloaded (recorded) songs then appear in a window on the right where you can then listen, save or process them. 

Audials Radiotracker offers additional features such as format converter, a wishlist for finding songs not easily available and a very complete podcast function. It goes without saying that you can also listen to the music via the Audials Radiotracker player or export it to your mobile device.

Any tool that helps you to get free, legal music is an interesting proposal. Audials Radiotracker has ample configuration settings, automatically checks for updates, allows you to ban certain stations, syncs with your music player and uses intelligent filters when saving songs, so you don’t get any duds.

Despite all these good points, there’s a major ‘but’ – Audials Radiotracker seems unnecessarily complicated. Although it may be a great program, it takes some effort to crack. While some users will be willing to put the work in, many will quickly tire of having to refer to the manual to identify every window and carry out every task.