Banshee is a Linux-inspired player that helps you to organize your music and interact with other users via scrobbling to

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Product Description

Banshee plays most popular formats, allows you to rip music from your CDs and create your own audio CDs and MP3s for listening to music stations over the Internet. You can also subscribe to podcasts and download them automatically using Banshee.

Banshee has all the basic functions you would expect such as shuffle and repeat but also a few added bonuses such allowing you to see what others are listening to via scrobbling to The Banshee community is quite lively and you can exchange favorite tracks. Its also highly extendible via a comprehensive extensions section that covers everything from Karaoke to a Lyric-finding app.

Unlike the Mac version, Banshee for Windows and Linux also supports viewing of videos within the main interface. It also supports iPod syncing and playing of CDs. However, the codec support for videos is very limited meaning you might not be able to play everything you hoped for.

Banshee is a great alternative for those who are tired of bloated music applications or just want something a little different.