Still want to play as an 80’s/90’s action hero? You will definitely like this game.

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Product Description

Broforce is a 2D sidescrolling action platformer developed by Free Lives Games, which was first shown back in April 2012 as a result of a game jam. The developers then decided to continue with it, and the game has now gained quite a following due to its tongue-in-cheek macho stylings. It is being published by Devolver Digital, who had recently released Luftrausers.

The characters featured in Broforce are classic action movie hero characters with their names modified to pun with “bro”, like Rambro and the Brominator. There are a whole slew of these characters that can be unlocked by saving enough prisoners in every level. Gameplay involves a whole lot of gunplay, which can do only be done along the X axis, so you have to jump up to shoot enemies above and drop down to shoot those below.

Aside from your primary weapon, you also have grenades that are in limited quantity. You also have a melee attack, just in case you get up close and personal with whatever you’re up against. Weapons and abilities are different for each bro, which can either be fortuitous or detrimental at certain situations since the bro you get to play at the start of each level is randomly picked for you, and it changes when you save a prisoner. You can spray-and-pray as Rambro, fire rockets as Brommando, toss dynamite as McBrover, and so on.

Broforce levels are mostly destructible, so walls crumble and collapse when shot or blown up. You can take advantage of it by destroying what enemies stand upon or blast the wall behind them for a surprise attack. It can also be your downfall as you may get careless and blow up whatever you’re standing on. If you need to jump a gap to reach the other side, you can cling on and jump off walls to get to safety.

There is also a level editor for those who like to go beyond what they currently get in the game, so more insane levels can be made available without being too complicated to use. But the best thing about Broforce is that it’s not even finished yet, so you can expect more bros, more levels, and more features to be added in the near future. It’s nearing its release though, and its popularity has assured its support.