An efficient tool to clean your PC and eliminate unwanted files.

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Product Description

With CCleaner you will be able to eliminate temporary or potentially unwanted files left by certain programs cookies and other applications along with unneeded startup programs and various other data. Download it for free!


Nowadays, cookies, temporary files, and various other means of tracking your Web footprint are par for the course. Some of these trackers are useful, while others can be potentially intrusive. Thankfully, there are myriad freeware cleaners out there that help keep your system in check. CCleaner is one of the better ones for its ease of use and powerful cleaning capabilities. CCleaner has a simple and intuitive layout will appeal to users of all skill levels. Its four features (Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options) are prominently displayed on the left side of the window.

How does it work?

The program works by first analyzing your system and then running the cleaner itself. By selecting the appropriate check boxes, you will be able e to clean our temporary Internet files, cookies, history, and cache in both Internet Explorer and Firefox at the same time, as well as empty our Recycle Bin and rid our computer of Windows log files. The Registry feature acts in the same fashion, letting you check off on the options you’d like to scan for issues. In less than 30 seconds, the program had scanned and displayed a long list of invalid entries that we could then opt to fix or leave alone by unchecking the boxes. In less time than it took to scan, the program fixed the issues we had selected.

CCleaner does offer an online help feature, but for basic cleaning, you probably won’t need it.
By default, the project opts you in for installing desktop and Start menu shortcuts, as well as adding run and open options in your Context menu. It also opts you in for installing Google Chrome and making it your default browser, so you’ll have to uncheck the boxes to opt out. CCleaner installs and uninstalls without leaving any files or folders behind.


This efficient little program speeds up slow computers and helps save disk space. Its features are all straightforward and simple to use. It doesn’t remove important registry entries or files