DirectX 9

Latest update to Microsoft’s multimedia interface

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Product Description

DirectX 9 is a package of special libraries developed by Microsoft that attempt to improve and optimize audiovisual performance on your system. 

These DirectX 9 drivers enable you to make the most of modern graphic cards with 3D capabilities, which makes them generally advisable for multimedia tasks and an absolute must-have for gamers – in fact, DirectX 9 is usually a compulsory requirement to install certain games. 

Installing DirectX 9 on your computer is as easy as launching the executable file, which in turn will download some necessary components from the web. Then just follow the wizard’s instructions and you’re done. This installer will keep you updated with any 9.0c and previous versions of Direct X 9. Direct X 11 is not available as a standalone download, but is downloaded as part of installation processes. Note that, when installed, this new version will overwrite any other previous versions you may have of Directx 9

DirectX 9 is an indispensable package of drivers and libraries to achieve an optimal level of performance in games and multimedia on your system.