Avenge your family and save the planet from the aliens.

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Product Description

Nick Naster, Special Agents of the Interplanetary Federation and strategic advisory for the Special Forces volunteers for the exterminating mission the Zeta 2 aliens, after getting his whole family killed in an outbreak of the plague. For this he was provided with some sort of antidote for the plague for protection against biological virus that he might get during the missions, but it’s only a prototype. Your goal, is recovering data units and probes of the antidote for further studies to achieve a final antidote.

eXtinction is a 3D arcade platform game with 30 different levels, 6 bosses to fight and lots and lots of action for you to save the planet.

In order to move forward into eXtinction you will have to unlock different missions searching for devices, activate the, find key cards, energy barriers sorting many obstacles in your way, such as cannons, mines, aliens all trying to kill you first. 

eXtinction will provide you with 9 different weapons, based on real guns like a the Uzi, Machine Gun,  but also  adapted to a futuristic looks like the Magma or Photon Launcher, that goes really well with the whole atmosphere. The whole design is very cohesive and well finished with the music companion, that includes 17 different soundtracks.

Minimum system required

  • Pentium II processor 500Mhz
  • 64Mb of RAM
  • 16Mb OpenGL 3D accelerated graphic card
  • Operating system: Windows 98/Me, Windows NT/2000/XP
  • DirectX 8