Fiesta Online

Fiesta is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG where hundreds of thousands of players have made their home.

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Product Description

Fiesta Online offers six unique classes and join in the adventure of a life time! Travel through the beautiful world of Isya and help the Hednis alliance in their fight against the forces of evil. Join parties or raids and plunge into the dangerous depths of challenging dungeons. Forge alliances by joining powerful Guilds, the strongest of which will reward you with buffs for your support. 

With an ever expanding world, weekly updates, active community and dedicated team, Fiesta Online is a massive online adventure, and still growing! 

Join Fiesta Online, save the slimes! 


•115 levels to enjoy 

•Many Kingdom Quests and Dungeons 

•Dozens of huge maps for you to explore 

•Large variety of quests 

•Guilds: fight alongside your friends to be the most powerful guild 

•Master and Apprentice system: gain levels faster as Apprentice and pass on your knowledge as Master 

•Wedding System: find your partner and fight together in Isya 

•Daily Quest System: complete these quests and be rewarded with fame and other bonuses