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Product Description

Greasemonkey is an extension that allows you to customize the way websites look and function by using small bits of JavaScript. Greasemonkey user scripts are written in JavaScript and manipulate the contents of a web page using the Document Object Model interface. Scripts are generally written to be either page-specific or domain-specific (applying to all pages within a domain) but may also be tagged to apply to all domains for global browser enhancements.
Writing a Greasemonkey script is similar to writing JavaScript for a web page, with some additional allowances such as cross-site XMLHttpRequests. Compared to writing a full-fledged Firefox extension, user scripting is a very modest step up in complexity from basic web programming. However, Greasemonkey scripts are limited due to security restrictions imposed by Mozilla’s XPCNativeWrappers. For example, Greasemonkey scripts do not have access to many of Firefox’s components, such as the download manager, I/O processes or its main toolbars. Additionally, Greasemonkey scripts run per instance of a matching webpage. Because of this, managing lists of items globally is difficult. However, script writers have been using cookies and Greasemonkey even offers APIs such as GM_getValue and GM_setValue to overcome this.

The add-on puts a small monkey icon in the bottom right corner, from where you can add new scripts and manage the ones you’ve already installed. Other than that, it doesn’t include any configuration options.

The first time you launch Greasemonkey you’re presented with an introductory website which contains basic information and a link to Userscripts, where you can download scripts. Be sure to bookmark this site, as Greasemonkey doesn’t include a link to it anywhere.

Of course, you can also create your own scripts and use them with Greasemonkey, but that requires coding knowledge.

With Greasemonkey you can use hundreds of scripts to change the way popular websites look and behave. Download Greasemonkey