GunZ is an online first person shooter in which you’ll have to fight it out against hundreds of online users.

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Product Description

GunZ features a range of elaborate moves and varied weaponry, making this game both a challenging and exciting experience that can really get you hooked.

GunZ has many different game modes. You can simply play GunZ by moving around into any of the maps provided and shoot down anyone you encounter. Or you can play one of a number of modes like Deathmatch, Team DeathMatch or Capture the Flag. You can also form your own clan and engage in duels with other clans.

You can also create and customize your character. You can change clothing and add up to 12 pieces of equipment. We liked how GunZ doesn’t limit itself to guns and also lets you pack close combat weapons like knifes, swords or cloaks.

As many users know them, GunZ‘s basic moves will probably let you get past some duels, but they won’t be enough to survive long-term. If you really want to stand a chance in GunZ, you’ll have to learn more elaborate moves like ducking, jumping from walls or tumbling.

The overall excitement of GunZ is let down by some weaknesses. For one, the graphics leave much to be desired and many users complain that there are not enough maps to choose from. The soundtrack is also too limited. Connecting might also take some time, depending on the number of users connected to the server. Users who have a dial up connection they might also cause GunZ to lag.