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Download HotSpot Shield, one of the most trusted VPN services!

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Product Description

Protect your security, privacy and anonymity with HotSpotShield. Download it here, a 100% free!

VPN technology enables you to send encrypted data over previously unencrypted networks. Besides providing you with private and secure Web browsing, VPNs (virtual private networks) such as Hotspot Shield VPN provide many other important benefits.

  • Unblock websites: You can bypass filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to gain access to your favorite content anytime and anywhere you want.

  • Malware protection: Receive an alert if you enter a site known for containing malware

  • Surf the web in anonymity

  • Hide your IP address

  • Browse safely and enjoy secure Wi-fi use at public hotspots

The number of people using VPN’s and other computer tools to skirt barriers to banned information is growing in the entire globe. The advent of said VPN’s has redefined what we know as far as identity and security is concerned. As a result, HotSpotShield is a necessary tool to change the international landscape for privacy and safety standards.

Airports and cafés are widely known Wi-fi hotspots users find hard to rely on. Travelers who want to protect their data and personal information from hi-tech hackers will find HotSpotShield particularly appealing.

Download Hotspot Shield and keep yourself protected from crooks wanting to steal your identity. Make privacy a social norm again!