KeePass Password Safe

Store and manage numerous passwords and account-relevant notes!

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Product Description

The list of passwords you need nowadays is endless. The thing is you need to use different passwords for each account, but few people do that. Because if you use only one password everywhere and someone gets this password you have a problem… A serious one. The thief would have access to your e-mail account, website, etc. Just try to picture what that would be like?

Do the right thing and download KeePass Password Safe. This easy-to-use database lets you store and manage numerous passwords and other account-relevant notes—all of which are kept safe behind a single master password and Twofish and AES encryption.

KeePass Password Safe is a free open source password manager, which helps you manage your passwords in a safe way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish).

KeePass Password Safe now and get real control of your security!