Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Take control of the Marvel heroes in the Lego version of this excellent action adventure game.

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Product Description

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is all that fans of Marvel Heroes could wish for. The last title from Traveller’s Tales is a fun game that’s achieved the perfect balance between the world of comics and the little yellow figures.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes has a storyline where various villains from the Marvel Universe have joined forces to destroy world peace. It’s fate that all the heroes of this and other planets join together to overcome them, proof that the Avengers is much more than what we saw in the film directed by Joss Whedon.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is able to establish itself on films based on very short comics, and there are almost 150 characters that you can control. This includes the most legendary heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, or the Hulk, but also characters that aren’t quite so “heroic,” like  Aunt May, Mary Jane, or heroes that haven’t yet appeared in films, such as Black Panther, Union Jack, or Spider-Woman.

Some of these characters will be playable in story mode missions, while others are only available in free mode, especially the villains, because you’re going to be playing alongside a faction led by Nick Fury.

The main mode in Lego Marvel Super Heroesis the story mode, which is well known by players of the usual Lego games. In it, you move around closed scenarios and you advance by solving puzzles and killing enemies. If you can also collect parts and other foreign objects along the way, then you’ll enjoy some surprises.

All the powers are illustrated with Lego’s great sense of humor, but a sense of humor that’s also respectful of the characteristics of each character in the comics and movies.

The graphics engine in the Lego games shows its age. What seemed great to us a few years ago is now limited to simply being eye-catching. But do you need more of a thinking game for all ages?

The sound guys have also done a good job, with more than acceptable dubbing (although I continue to enjoy the Lego games undubbed), as well as a soundtrack that draws on themes that have been composed for the various films of the Marvel stable.