A useful open source alternative to Microsoft Office!

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Although Microsoft Office is still the most used office suite, there are some alternatives out there which offer really good features and ideas.

One of those good alternatives is called LibreOffice, the continuation of OpenOffice, one of the best open source office suites.

OpenOffice was bought by Oracle and the community of developers of OpenOfice decided to continue their project under the name of Libreoffice.

This is what we offer you here, the free open source alternative that is thought to be the new OpenOffice.

LibreOffice includes a speadsheet creator, text edition tool, presentation creator, graphic editor, Formula creator and a database creation tool. In short it offers for free exactly what Microsoft Offce offers for a lot of money.

They are like a free Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and the rest of components of the Office suite.

Furthermore, files created using Microsoft Office can be open and edited using LibreOffice and viceversa.

If you don’t want to waste money but you want to enjoy all the power of a good office suite, LibreOffice is what you need.