Microsoft Outlook 2010

Improve the way you communicate, manage your schedule and find what you need in a simple and prompt way with Microsoft Outlook Express 2010!

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Product Description

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is packed with numerous features, functions, settings, and capabilities.

Visually, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is clean, crisp and clear. It’s very easy to find your way around: the ribbon interface makes finding features easy, while Account Information provides a very simple interface to manage accounts, settings and more.

In addition to multi-account email support, Microsoft Outlook 2010 also features Calendar, Tasks and Contact tools, all equally easy to use. Adding to functionality is a powerful search function, while various add-ins (to be downloaded separately) give you messaging, Hotmail, and social network functionality. 

For high-volume users, Microsoft Outlook 2010 also hides a number of features that make handling lots of emails much easier. From Conversation View and inbox management tools, to extra right-click functionality and Mail Box Cleanup, it should be easier than ever to keep your email under control.

For users of mail client software, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is attractive, flexible and efficient, a very good alternative definitely worth a try.

Communicate more effectively by connecting efficiently with others, download Microsoft Outlook 2010!