Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an email client that comes with a classic look, focused mainly on its purpose: delivering emails to users right on their desktop.

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Product Description

Most of its features can be easily accessed right from the main window, so reading and writing mail messages is a straightforward job. Address management is also at hand and the synchronization function will prove to be quite useful for anyone who wants to keep the email information in sync.  

The way it works isn’t too different from the rest of the field in the mail clients category, but Outlook Express has a secret weapon too: it is fully integrated with Windows operating systems, a thing that makes it work much easier, without taking too much from your system’s resources.

Configuring an account and getting the mails should be a matter of minutes thanks to the simplicity of the software. Outlook Express can handle multiple email and newsgroup accounts, so you can use this application even with several accounts simultaneously. 

The software supports both POP and IMAP protocols, which is a must these days, and integrates the most popular features these days, including secure messages, signatures and email folders to better organize your Inbox.

In order to check out and configure the running settings of Outlook Express, you need to access the ”Options” area. Here you can find the security, signature and connection configurations, as well as those for reading, composing, sending and managing receipts. 

Overall, the application works well and requires a minimum amount of system resources. Furthermore, Outlook Express will work on slower computers too, a thing that definitely can’t be said about some of the similar newer programs that come packed with tons of unnecessary features.