Pandora Recovery

Recover files even if they’ve been permanently removed

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Product Description

It’s quite simply, a file restoration utility that attempts to help you when you’ve accidentally deleted a file. Pandora Recovery can recover files permanently from the Recycle Bin, simply by using the Shift + Delete keys bypassing. What’s more, according to the program’s developer, it can recover files up to a month after they were deleted. However, it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to recover something that’s been deleted so long ago because of file “deterioration”.

The types of file you can recover with Pandora Recovery are quite wide-ranging, including pictures, songs, movies and documents. Note though that you have a much greater chance of recovering data lost after the program has been installed because it scans your hard drive and builds an index of existing and deleted files and directories (folders). This gives you much greater control over which files to recover.

There are no guarantees that Pandora Recovery can help you restore accidentally-deleted data but if there is any trace of it left, Pandora Recovery should be able to give it a darned good go.