PC Tools Registry Mechanic

PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011 is the solution to improve the performance of your computer

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Product Description


As its name suggests, PC Tools Registry Mechanic is like a car mechanic specially designed to scan, detect and repair any problems it finds in the Windows Registry.

Problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of system errors, computer crashes and general instability; solving them, can improve the performance of your computer, make it faster and more stable.

Registry Mechanic is easy to use: just one click is enough to start it up and analyze all registry hives you selected. Once the analysis is completed, it provides a report with the list of detected errors and faults, which can be fixed in a single click.

It even offers the option to make a backup before making changes to the registry, before analyzing the system or repairing it.

Recent changes

  • protects Internet privacy and personal information
  • removes files from your PC safely
  • cleans the free space and deleted files using the protocol DoD 5220.22-M
  • cleans the history of over a hundred third-party programs, such as chat, image viewers, P2P applications and many other .

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