PuTTY Tunnel Manager

Manage all your tunnels with PuTTY Tunnel Manager

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Product Description

PuTTY Tunnel Manager allows you to easily open tunnels, that are defined in a PuTTY session, from the system tray. You can also move the tunnels from PuTTY to PuTTY Tunnel Manager. This allows you to use PuTTY just for SSH shell sessions (without opening tunnels), and use PuTTY Tunnel Manager just for tunneling.


  • Created specifically for tunneling over SSH sessions
  • Open and close sessions from the system tray
  • Works alongside PuTTY and Pageant, using Plink
  • Easily add and remove tunnels from existing PuTTY sessions
  • Can store tunnels outside the regular PuTTY sessions
  • Keep track of open tunnels and prevent multiple tunnels from listening on the same port
  • Reconnects when your PC wakes up from stand-by
  • Simple interface
  • One file, small size, with a cool icon

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