Regain control of your files using RannohDecryptor

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Product Description

Among the many viruses and malwares out there, one of the worst is the Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rannoh network, known as the Police Virus. RannohDecryptor is a utility capable of combating this threat on infected computers.

This Trojan is capable of encrypting computer files and preventing you from having access to them. RannohDecryptor unlocks the files blocked by this virus and returns them to their original state.

Plus, its GUI interface is easy to use. To run RannohDecryptor you will need a file 4096 kb larger than the original file. Once you indicate you where both files are located, it will scan the system to decrypt the locked file. Afterwards, just reboot the system.

Regain control of your files using RannohDecryptor!