Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive helps you create hidden and encrypted partitions on a USB memory

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Product Description

Rohos Mini Drive creates hidden and encrypted partitions on a USB flash drive memory. You work with the files on the hidden partition without opening a special program. Those who have megabytes of sensitive files on the USB drive and seriously concerned with a data security, cannot imagine their USB stick without the hidden volume that is created using this tool.

Rohos Mini Drive protect USB flash drive with a password by making hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive memory. If you have many private files on the USB drive and want to keep them in secret, you can protect them by a password and strong encryption with Rohos Mini Drive. Also it offers a portable encryption tool to work with encrypted partition on any PC.


  • easy to use
  • Disk-on notifications
  • On-The-Fly encryption without Administrative rights
  • new Hide Folder feature
  • Encrypt and protect Google Chrome profile
  • Encrypt and hide your Skype profile with chat history , received files, contacts, Skype password
  • Encrypt Mozilla Firefox and Opera profile

Easy to setup, easy to use. Intuitive USB flash drive Setup Wizard automatically detects your USB flash drive and setup an encrypted partition properties. You just need to provide a protection password. One click – and you can save your first file into protected volume. Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly.

Unlike its name, Rohos Mini Drive provides a decent portable data security solution.