S4 League

Playing cute puzzles and thorough RPG adventures is all right, but sometimes you yearn for a bit more action.

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Product Description

S4 League is a frenetic online multiplayer game you can play and enjoy absolutely for free – that is, after creating a user account on the developer’s website.

S4 League  is very similar to Gunz and follows the same scheme as other multiplayer action games. You find yourself in a complex playing area, with corridors, stairs and platforms to run and jump, and your aim is basically to wipe out all members of the enemy team. Bear in mind though that battles in S4 League are so hectic and fast-paced that you better be wide awake if you want to last for more than five minutes.

Besides these basic rules, S4 League presents some variations according to the gaming mode you choose (Touchdown, Death match or personal missions). The game also differs from other action titles in its design – chiefly based on Japanese-style drawings – and an extensive social component that includes real-time chat, community services and other goodies. Plus S4 League features a shop where you’ll be able to buy new stuff for your character, not only to customize it but also to make it more deadly and powerful.

Generally speaking S4 League  is a great game. It combines nice graphics with an excellent soundtrack, and it’s fun to play. The only drawback is that it takes ages to start.