SeaMonkey Portable

SeaMonkey Portable: now you can take your beloved SeaMonkey browser wherever you go

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Product Description

The SeaMonkey internet suite is now available in a portable version thanks to the SeaMonkey Portable. This portable version features the same e-mail, browsing, and instant messaging tools that the standard version.

This internet suite has a nice, intuitive design that will make it appealing to most users and will surely bring in new followers. The application comes with lots of internet features that are very light and very similar to the Firefox and Thunderbird interfaces. For mobile users, SeaMonkey Portable is a great solution thanks to its reliable and portable character.

SeaMonkey Portable is appropriate for new users as well as the more advanced one. Bookmarks and favorites from other browsers can be imported easily. This is an application that fits the internet needs of all users on the go.