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SkyDrive offers free online storage for your files that you can access from anywhere. When you save your files to SkyDrive, they’re always with you. And with the SkyDrive desktop app you can sync your files to your devices automatically.
You only need a Hotmail/Live account, and the application will automatically upload the files you select to the cloud. As a result, you will be able to access your files from any computer that is connected to the internet.

SkyDrive has a much nicer interface than its competitors. Once you install the application, it will create a SkyDrive folder, and everything you move to that folder will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can even install SkyDrive in all the computers you use, and synchronize them all. In that way you can access your information from your office or from your house without any problems, and for example also easily share pictures with other people.

With SkyDrive, you can get to your photos, documents, and other important files wherever you are across all your devices. Download the app on your iPhone or iPad, Android, or Windows Phone.

When your files are on SkyDrive, you can get to them if something happens to your device. And you share only what you want with the people you choos

Get the free SkyDrive desktop app and sync your files automatically across your computers.