Star Wars: Battlefront

Be a Storm Trooper in the heart of the battle pedant the Clone Wars

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The player is a soldier dropped at the heart of the great battles that shake the Star Wars universe in two distinct periods: the Clone Wars (also known as the Black War, which sees to clash clone of the Old Galactic Republic and the droids the breakaway Confederacy of Independent Systems (ITUC)) and the Galactic Civil War (which sees oppose the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance).

 The purpose of a shooter is of course to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible in order to win in his camp. Each side has indeed a number of predefined reinforcements (between 200 and 250 in general), and each death withdraws point reinforcements to the team. The team that arrives first at 0 points reinforcements lost. When the number of reinforcements joined the number of units on the map.

 On the map, the enemy is shown in red, allies in green, yellow native, vehicles or unoccupied positions in white.

 The natives may be other camps (in some battles of the campaign) or else be allies of the two camps depending on the card (eg if the player plays on Kashyyyk, the army will be helped clone of Wookiees that will appear in the clone command positions) in other game modes.

But killing the enemy is not enough, we must also seize the key positions of the battlefield, called headquarters.