Steganos Privacy Suite

Steganos Privacy Suite is a pack of security tools that protect and enssures the safety of your PC.

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Product Description

Steganos Privacy Suite is an essential suite for everyone even if you use the same, simple password for multiple logins. Steganos Privacy Suite includes a varied selection of security tools that you can manage your passwords with, protect confidential emails through encryption, erase computer usage traces completely, and destroy sensitive files, just to name a few features.

Steganos Privacy Suite also includes tools to create special safe areas in your hard drive to store important files. You can turn your USB key into a portable safe as well. If your PC or laptop is stolen, Steganos Privacy Suite‘s anti-theft feature additionally makes sure that the thief won’t be able to do much with it once they have it.

Steganos Privacy Suite features a nicely designed, easy to use interface. The only downside is that Steganos Privacy Suite has some advanced features beginner users might not fully be able to figure out how to use without additional assistance. For reference, Steganos Privacy Suite also requires an activation serial number to run the trial version, which in turn requires you to register on the Steganos Privacy Suite website.

Steganos Privacy Suite is a powerful security suite that will protect you from all sorts of online threats.