Timez Attack

Master multiplication tables with Timez Attack!

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Product Description

To be confident and successful in maths, kids need to master their multiplication tables. Timez Attack is a game for kids that will teach them how to multiply in a fun and interactive way. They will learn playing by being an odd green character that will go through different scenarios.
Players will explore a dungeon with a little green monster who looks a bit like he might be Shrek’s distant cousin. From time to time, there are doors with times table challenges. Behind the door, players must answer more times table questions. There is a big monster at the end of the maze who will force players to get a whole bunch of times tables facts correct, quickly, or be sent back into the maze. Each level teaches one times table, starting with the two times table. At each door, players are presented with a times table fact, and told the answer as they collect the creatures. Then, players must type in the answer they’ve just been told. After that, they must get a minimum of three times table questions correct. This is repeated twelve times.

Counting in the questions asked by various “boss monsters” met along the way, players will answer correctly a minimum of 80 times table facts on each level (probably much more). That’s 800 for the whole game! (The 1 times table and 10 times table don’t have their own levels.)

Furthermore, the facts are presented with just the right timing to encourage learning. Timez Attack is most certainly an educational game for kids learning times tables. It’s a “real” computer game, with 3D graphics, snazzy music, joystick control, and so on. It’s also educational, presenting the times tables in a way that really does help kids learn. Download the free version of Timez Attack