Train Simulator

Professional train simulation game

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Product Description

Train Simulator is a professional train simulation game. It’s is a must for all train fans allowing you to drive various locomotives and itineraries around the world.

The graphics are generally excellent and enhanced by the fact that you can choose the game view which gives it a cinematic feel at times. In career mode, the goal of the game is always the same – to deliver passengers to their destination within a certain time but without breaking the speed limits. You can however simply drive for pleasure in Quick Drive mode. The best drivers can join the global leader board in Career mode however so there’s an extra incentive to make things a little more challenging.

One interesting feature is the ability to create and share routes with other players. This can lead to some fantastic and unusual train journeys across the planet. UK fans for example can choose from the London to Brighton route to the more scenic Northeast Corridor and Isle of Wight. Train Simulator offers both old and modern locomotives and the ability to customize them. Train enthusiasts will be pleased to hear you can drive anything ranging from an SW10 to an Electrostar train. 

Train Simulator is everything you’d expect from a realistic simulator. Train enthusiasts will be hooked