Windows Live Mail

Efficiently manage multiple e-mail accounts, calendars and contacts!

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Product Description

Windows Live Mail helps you organize your mail, calendar, and contacts all in one place on your PC. Check multiple email accounts in Windows Live Mail, like Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail Plus. You can even see your email, calendars, and contacts when you don’t have an Internet connection. Windows Live Mail makes it easier to find what you’re looking for by grouping conversations together if you like. Upcoming events appear next to your inbox, and you can quickly add things to your calendar right from your inbox. Windows Live Mail bears a very modern and sleek look that uses the same style as Windows Live Messenger as you experience it online. This e-mail client allows you to customize the way in which it displays information. You can change your accounts’ colour scheme, add filters to your messages, modify the order in which messages are displayed and select a different window pane.

Windows Live Mail provides many features: there is an address book that lets you see all of your contact in a detailed list, a calendar that lets you plan events, a news feed reader, and many other things. Windows Live Mail also has all the standard features that you would expect an email client to have: you can send e-mails with emoticons and you can attach images and files to your e-mail. Windows Live Mail adds options for security and antispam protection that can keep your e-mail safe.