Windows Photo Gallery

View and edit your photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery!

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Product Description

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a very simple application that lets you view your photos and perform basic editing tasks.

The Windows Live Photo Gallery interface itself is clean, clear and easy to use. It provides a great platform for your images and the picture quality in the slideshow function is excellent. Windows Live Photo Gallery also features great tagging and sorting functions and a few nice extras, such as the ability to order prints directly from online retailers, burn to CD and publish to a group.

Unfortunately, many of these extras require you to install a supplementary program or sign up for a Windows Live account. Add that to Windows Live Photo Gallery’s simplistic editing tools, and suddenly the program isn’t looking so rosy.

In fact, Windows Live Photo Gallery even appears to have lost a few features since the last version, as there is no sign of the screensaver function of the beta version and you can only make thumbnails that measure 100 x 75 – not exactly what I’d call progress, Windows!

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a good program for heavy Windows Live users who don’t need much editing power.