A comprehensive compressor program that gives you security

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Product Description

With more than a billion downloads, WinZip is the world’s leading provider of zip utilities and one of the most popular and trusted applications in the history of the Web.

Winzip is capable of encrypting, making a backup and of course compressing information. It has an intuitive interface that lets you zip all your files easily. You only need to drag the archive into the utility to start the process of zipping.

This software is able to compress this types of files: Zip, Zipx,BZ2, IMG and ISO, among others. One of the most improved features is the compression of photos and images. Now you can reduce the size with 20% to 25% and the image doesn’t loose quality.

Security is very important for this program, that is why there is a better mechanism to encrypt your files. If you want to share your files after you have finished encrypting the archive, you also can email the encrypted document directly from Winzip.

Back up all your important information with Winzip and then burn them to a DVD or CD. This comprehensive tool supports working on websites and with email accounts in a better way. This means that you now can email all your information directly from Winzip.

It has an astonishing zip engine, which works better and faster then ever. In this version you can send large Zip files with the built-in ZipSend, that would normally not be possible. You can send files up to 2gb, because you don’t really send them. In stead of that, they will be uploaded as a compressed file to a WinZip-server, and you will only send a hyperlink to this ZIP-file. The recipient then only has to download this and unpack it. It is also possible to zip and post files to Facebook with the ZipShare feature.

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